Patrick Morales, President

Patrick Morales currently lives in Blount County and has been active in events led or co-sponsored by SOCM members for several years. He is a member of the E3 committee, often representing SOCM at conferences and bringing his knowledge back to the group. Patrick is also part of the coordinating committee with the Alliance for Appalichia.

"My formal alliance with SOCM was a result of the organization's mission to empower local communities across the state through education, providing resources, and assisting in organizing for a stronger say in what happens in and around their homes. For far too long, many citizens have felt like their voices do not matter. Through community education and empowerment, we can begin to reverse that and regain some influence in the positive directions we are led."


Johnny L. Farris, Vice President

Johnny resides in Maury County, where he works to promote literacy education, natural resources protection efforts and bettering the local public schools. Johnny is a long-time SOCM member, and the organization's top recruiter, earning several awards for his recruitment accomplishments throughout his years as a loyal SOCM member. He also serves on the Green-Collar Jobs committee.


Nora Limon, Secretary

Nora is a member of the E3 Committee and lives in White Bluff, Tenn. She was elected as an at-large delegate in 2010 and moved in the secretary position in 2014.  



Franz Raetzer, Treasurer

Franz lives in Harriman in Roane County. He is a retired electro-mechanical engineer with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee. Franz was elected Treasurer in 2011 after being an active member for several years. He is a member of the E3 and Green-Collar Jobs Committees, the ART Team, and the Finance Committee. 

“SOCM gives me the opportunity to help make Tennessee and the United States a better place to live for everybody- not just the wealthy.”


Ellen Martin, Roaring River Chapter Rep

Ellen is an active Roaring River Chapter member and former SOCM Board President.


Howard White, Jackson Chapter Rep

Howard lives in Jackson in Madison County in west Tennessee and is active in the Jackson Chapter, the Anti-Racism Transformation Team, and serves on the finance committee. He is passionate about the work of the ART Team and the Jackson Chapter's work with youth and crime. 

"Being a SOCM leader has allowed me to further enhance and utilize my leadership skills and to help others explore their leadership abilities."


Jean Cheely, Co-rep, Cumberland County Chapter

Jean will continue to serve as the Cumberland County co-representative and also serves on the E3 Committee. Locally, Jean has been helping to lead the charge to stop blasting damages to people's homes from mining operations. She's also helped stop two different landfills in environmentally-sensitive areas. The Cumberland Chapter has also been active in educating the community about sustainability.

"SOCM gives us a voice on issues that are meaningful to us. I see SOCM as a method for everyday folks to unit their voice and efforts towards a common cause."


Linda Desmond, Cumberland Chapter Co-Rep

Linda is an active Cumberland County Chapter member and has done legislative work with SOCM.




Tammy Partin, Bedford County Chapter Rep

Tammy, a former Board member, rejoined the Board to fill in as the Bedford County Rep in 2012. She was re-elected to the Board by the Bedford Chapter in August 2012.


Joycelene Johns, Maury County Chapter Rep

Joycelene, a resident of Mt. Pleasant in Maury County, has been active in the fight for clean and affordable water in her community. She became a SOCM member in 2012 and was elected by the chapter to serve as the Board Rep in October 2013.


David Beaty, At-Large Delegate

David and his wife Beckey live in Fentress County have been SOCM members since 1991. David is the current co-chair of the Green Collar Jobs Committee.




Daniel Snider, At-Large Delegate

Daniel Snider is the former chair and current membership coordinator for the Knoxville Chapter. He is a resident of Knoxville where he works at the Lawson McGhee Public Library and co-owns a compost pick-up service in Knoxville. He is also on the Board for Community Shares of Tennessee. Daniel is passionate about the food 

access work the Knoxville Chapter is doing because public health and people's wellness depend upon what they eat, how they get that food, and what their relationship to food is.

"I have enjoyed the experience of widening my exposure to people from different backgrounds. Seeing and getting to know members who share similar passions has been an opportunity for personal growth that has enriched my life."