Chapters, SOCM’s local units, are usually organized in a county, a part of a county, or a combination of counties. They offer local residents a place to meet and discuss concerns. Chapters are very effective in bringing about change in local communities because the chapter members make their own decisions about which local issues to work on and then develop their own plan of action to win the issue. When needed, Chapter members join with other SOCM members to work on organization-wide campaigns.

Chapters increase in membership when they plan activities that give visibility to the Chapter and its issues. They also grow and develop through training, through members serving on organization-wide Committees, and through members participating in SOCM activities such as SOCM’s Leadership Retreat and its Annual Meeting. 

For more information on how to form a Chapter in your community, please send us an email at  or call the office at 865-249-7488.


SOCM Chapters

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