SOCM's internal committees are established by the SOCM Board to oversee various internal functions of the organization and to make recommendations to the board about new policies or other actions. Committee members are all current members of SOCM. The board may specify a maximum number of members on each committee. There are no definite term lengths for committee members.

  • Finance Committee - The Finance Committee oversees SOCM's finances, develops a proposed budget, meets before each board meeting to review financial statements that will be presented to the board, and assesses how the budget is being met. The committee also recommends new financial policies, as needed, for action by the board. The SOCM Treasurer serves as the chair and presents a finance report to the board at each board meeting.
    The SOCM Resource Project Board is a subcommittee of the Finance Committee.
  • Personnel Committee – The Personnel Committee hires all staff with the exception of the executive director and the office manager. The committee also participates in an annual staff evaluation, hears grievances and appeals, and recommends new personnel policies to the SOCM Board. The Executive Committee of the SOCM Board appoints Personnel Committee members.
  • Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee meets once a year to nominate a slate of officers and at-large members to serve on the SOCM Board. Voting on the slate takes place at SOCM's Annual Meeting.  The Nominating Committee consists of the board’s president and the chairs of each internal and issue committee. Although the meeting is not open to other SOCM members, the committee requests input from all SOCM members before it meets.
  • Other Committees – The SOCM Board appoints ad hoc committees as needed to serve in planning and advisory capacities.  These committees may function for several months or several years and are dissolved when their work is completed.