When SOCM members choose to take part in the legislative process, they often must move out of their comfort zone and into less familiar territory where the laws and regulations impacting social, economic and environmental justice are decided. This can be a challenging and time consuming endeavor, but accepting this responsibility provides a unique opportunity to make a difference and to have the satisfaction of playing a role in influencing a healthier, safer and more prosperous Tennessee.

There are several ways to influence your legislator: phone calls, letters and emails. However, the most effective strategy is scheduling a face-to-face conversation with your legislator, either at your home district or at the Capitol in Nashville. Testifying at public hearings, school board meetings, city council meetings and writing letters-to-the-editor can also make a difference. Most often, a combination of contacts, which include a face-to-face meeting, is usually the best strategy. But most importantly, stay informed and let your voice be heard!

In an effort to encourage involvement, and break down those barriers to knowledge, and sometimes even the barrier of fear, we've created some resources that can help pave the way to taking action.

Find legislation resources on the state level and federal level.

Every year, SOCM organizes several lobby visits, trainings and letter-writing opportunities. The best way to learn about these opportunities is by receiving SOCM e-news. Click here to sign up.

Please remember, every letter you write, or lobby visit you make to influence change for justice is greatly appreciated!

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. Contact 865.426.9455 or email