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What issues are SOCM members working on?

SOCM members determine what issues they want to tackle in their own communities. Staff, and often other members from different chapters, provide support and guidance as needed. In general our issue work falls into one of these categories:

  • Chapter Campaigns

  • Statewide Issue Campaigns

  • Coalition Campaigns


Chapter Work

Chapters or affiliates are formed at the local level to work on local issues and support other SOCM campaigns. They are the basic building blocks of SOCM.
Each Chapter has its own leadership such as a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and membership chair.


Issue Work

In addition to Chapters' efforts, members also work on issues on a state and regional level, often alongside other organizations. 

Some issues that SOCM members have worked on in the past are strip mining and mountaintop removal, land use, renewable energy, voter engagement, anti-racism, affordable housing, taxes, landfills, education, and more.

Kingston Memorial participants wearing masks saying _Remember Kingston_ pose after the eve

Coalition Work

We often work with coalitions of other non-profit groups to raise our collective voices. 

We may join other groups to work on long-term issues such as environmental or social justice, or on particular campaigns such as opposing harmful legislation.

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