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What We Do

Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice


Housing & Economic Justice

Keeping Families in Homes

Throughout 2020, SOCM has fought to expand eviction moratoriums and protect tenant rights. We have also worked to prevent utility shut offs, ensuring that the lights stay on during these tough times.
We stand up to banks to ensure equitable community reinvestment.

Environmental Justice

The Future is at Stake

Born in the coal fields, SOCM has continued working to ensure that coal ash is properly disposed of and closed mines are properly monitored. 
With the future in mind, we promote sustainable energy and solid waste options, as well as a transition to green jobs.


Voter Engagement

Protecting Our Democracy

SOCM promotes voter registration and civic engagement. We work to engage disenfranchised communities and prevent voter suppression.


Contact SOCM

P. O. Box 12667
Knoxville, TN 37912-0667


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