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Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment

We believe that extraordinary change is rooted in the power of ordinary people. 


SOCM is a 50-year-old, member-driven organization dedicated to empowering Tennesseans in their efforts to have a greater voice in determining their own future. Throughout our history, our members have taken on local, state and national campaigns to make lives better for everyday people. We’ve found time and time again that real change requires long lasting groups that are rooted in relationship, and built on our own experiences.

At SOCM, we believe that positive change happens when everyday people join together to tackle the critical issues that impact their lives. We also know that this doesn’t happen by magic. Structure, organization, relationships and leadership development, are key to the long-haul work of improving our communities.

Through training, mentorship, and practice, SOCM members learn skills needed to build local groups, identify issues that are deeply felt in their community, understand dynamics of local and state power holders, and create campaigns to address issues together. 

Will you join the fight for a better Tennessee?



New Tennessee state law TCA 49-6-3115 requires all third graders who do not pass a single standardized reading test to be held back and repeat third grade. Statistics suggest that statewide, over 70% of 3rd and/or 4th graders could be held back and forced to repeat 3rd or 4th grade if the new 3rd Grade Retention Law goes into effect next year. Don't let the State fail our kids! 


The Sentinel

SOCM's quarterly newsletter, The SOCM Sentinel, is full of stories and updates on the important work our members are doing. Find out what we've been up to by browsing the Sentinel.



Get involved. Make a difference.

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P. O. Box 12667
Knoxville, TN 37912-0667


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