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Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment


What is SOCM?

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SOCM (pronounced “sock-em”) is a member-driven organization that utilizes civic involvement and collective action. Our mission is to empower Tennesseans to have a greater voice in determining their future.  We work for social, economic, and environmental justice for all.
SOCM’s original name, Save Our Cumberland Mountains, grew out of our origins as a grassroots community organization based in poor isolated coalfield communities in five northern counties (Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Morgan and Scott) in the Cumberland Mountains.  SOCM kept this name for the first 36 years of its history before changing it in 2008 to reflect our growth and development throughout the years and our commitment towards justice across Tennessee.
Our members govern the organization and set its policies and priorities.  Members have inspired and guided us throughout our history.  They are a force that can build capacity for greater democracy in our country.  Many early SOCM members, especially those in isolated coalfield communities who braved threats and intimidation to speak out for change, have left a legacy.  Little did they know they were building the base for a powerful, multi-racial, statewide organization to work for social, economic, and environmental justice issues in our local communities, our state, and our nation.