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SOCM Sentinels

SOCM Sentinel's are the quarterly newsletters written by SOCM members & staff. This is a great way to get details on current work!

2022 Annual Meeting

Q4 2022 SOCM Sentinel

2022 has been a year of significant growth and reorganization • SOCM establishes two long-term, statewide issue teams • SOCM’s Values • Don’t let Politicians Flunk our Third Graders • Cumberland Chapter Update • Knoxville Chapter Update • SOCM in the Lens (Public Education and Annual Meeting) • Maury Chapter Update • Jackson Chapter Update • McMinn County Neighbors Chapter Update • Rutherford Chapter Update • Senate passes amended STREAM Act and sends it back to House • Community Shares Offers Easy, Impactful Workplace Giving • SOCM Staff facilitate organizing workshop for TPEC • SOCM hires a new full-time Middle Tennessee Organizer • Farewell to SOCM Member and Friend Sandra Edwards • SOCM Remembers Eston Evans • SOCM visits the Archives at ETSU

Q3 2022 SOCM Sentinel

Stop the Hillsdale Heist! SOCM rallies teachers and parents in Clarksville to support public schools; ACTION: Our Third Graders need support, not another “High Stakes Test”; Members continue celebrating 50 years at Annual Meeting; 2022 SOCM Annual Meeting Agenda; Update on 50th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign; SOCM Canoe-a-thon information; Chapter Members continue to learn and make plan for Deep Listening and Outreach campaigns; Cumberland County Community Composting Conference; Local farmer, Beth Gaynor, gives Address at Composting Conference – Let’s Talk Dirt; Cumberland Chapter members request Public Hearing on Crab Orchard Sand Quarry; Knoxville Chapter: Know Your Rights Training; Rutherford Chapter Update; McMinn County SOCM Update; SOCM in the Lens; Grundy County: Clouse Hill sandblasting plant maintains its power; Comments and actions on Quarry in Grundy County; Earthjustice Coal Ash Lawsuit Spotlights Kingston, Bull Run, and SOCM; SOCM joins environmental groups for film screening at local movie theatre; SOCM BALLOT; Isabella Killius - Reflections on my Internship with SOCM; SOCM welcomes 2 interns: Brandee Dillingham and Elijah Hedrick


Q2 2022 SOCM Sentinel

SOCM members and friends kick off 50th Anniversary April 30 to May 1 - SOCM Outreach Strategies and Deep Listening: Next Steps - McMinn County: Community Canvassing Training (In-person) - From the Director’s Desk: "Hope in Hard Times" - Jackson Chapter Update - Cumberland Chapter Update - Rutherford Chapter Update - Knoxville Chapter Update - Maury Chapter Update - Save the Sandy Hook Bridge! - McMinn County Neighbors Update - Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Commit to the Future: Here’s to Another 50 Years - Vanderbilt Student Health Coalition Summer Zoom Gathering 2022 - SOCM in the Lens - Looking Back - Job opportunity: SOCM is hiring a Middle TN Community Organizer - Statement delivered at the Coal Ash Workers Hearing - Members of TNACE continue work towards economic and community improvements in the Clearfork Valley - SOCM Members join groups across Appalachia sending a sign-on letter to the President and Congressional Leaders - SOCM joins ally groups in Tennessee for All to fight for equitable funding of public schools - The power of citizen science and the future of Bull Run: Claxton update - Mark your calendars: Dates to remember!

Q1 2022 SOCM Sentinel

SOCM Members Celebrate 50 Years of Community Organizing • You’re Invited to SOCM’s 50th Anniversary Celebration •

Jackson Chapter Update • Knoxville Chapter Update • Maury Chapter Update • Rutherford Chapter Update •

Cumberland Chapter Update: Members tour Aries Biochar Operation • Grundy County community fights sand mine

development and visits the state legislature • SOCM and SOCM Resource Project board members gather for joint retreat •

SOCM in the Lens • We’re Hiring: SOCM is hiring a Middle TN Community Organizer • SOCM members sign on to Black Lung

Letter • Claxton residents discuss extensive outreach strategies • SOCM joins allies and community members to honor

Kingston Coal Ash workers and families • Stalking the “Secret Squirrel • SOCM Board Member Doug Hudgens passed away

March 26 • SOCM hires Austin Sauerbrei as Executive Director

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