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Kingston Coal Ash Spill Memorial 2020

Q4 2020 SOCM Sentinel

December 28th, 2020

In the Winter 2020 issue of the SOCM Sentinel, members reflect on the Kingston Coal Ash Spill.

Included inside:

  • Coal Ash Legislation Group Looks at Worker Safety

  • We're Closing Our Office... and Moving to a New Space!

  • SOCM Members & Allies Hold Memorial for Kingston Coal Ash Workers

  • Remembering the Kingston Coal Ash Spill - Julie Bledsoe Speaks

  • SOCM Member Speaks at Virtual Environmental Justice Tour

  • SOCM in the Lens

  • Rutherford County Chapter Update

  • Maury County Chapter Update

  • Cumberland County Chapter Update - Gaynor Solar Array

  • SOCM Works to Keep Knox County Residents in their Homes

  • Rutherford Chapter Members Take Trainings Online

  • Letter from the Board President

  • Middle Tennessee Organizer Leaves Staff

  • Coal Mine Reclamation and Bonding in Tennessee

Q3 2020 SOCM Sentinel

September 25th, 2020

Doing What We Do Best: SOCM Members continue to work and organize on the ground and online

Included inside:

  • SOCM Petitions TVA Over Energy Crisis

  • Annual Meeting Announcement

  • Rutherford Goes Live

  • Cumberland Proposes Solar Project

  • Knoxville Fights to Keep People in Their Homes

  • Know Your Rights! - Eviction During the Pandemic

  • Bull Run Residents Demand Accountability

  • Victory! TVA Reverses Decision to Outsource Jobs

  • SOCM Participates in Bond Release Inspection

  • In Memoriam - David Beaty, Bill Naumann, and Sadie Hill

  • Election Information

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Q2 2020 Sentinel.jpg

Q2 2020 SOCM Sentinel

July 17th, 2020

SOCM Members remain resilient during these uncertain times

Included inside:

  • Annual Meeting Announcement

  • RECLAIM Act Passes House

  • SOCM Story - Adam Hughes

  • "Full of It" by Zepher Barber

  • Census Reminder

  • Abers Share Their Covid-19 Story

  • Victory! TVA Withdraws Plans for Coal Ash Dump

  • Coalition Works to Prevent Utility Shut Offs

  • Election Information

A Statement from SOCM's Officers:

June 4th, 2020

The Executive Officers of SOCM are united in solidarity with the communities that are engaging in collective action in order to highlight the vast racial disparities that non-white, especially Black, people encounter every day. We believe people have the right to raise their voices in determining their futures by ending police brutality. We believe our marginalized neighbors should not have to fear for their lives in their own communities or any community. We believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Q1 2020 Sentinel.png

Q1 2020 SOCM Sentinel

March 25th, 2020

Included inside:

  • SOCM Response to Covid-19

  • Bull Run Closing Raises Community Concerns

  • Chapter Updates

  • Organizing Against Overdevelopment in Murfreesboro

  • Students Get Involved in Landfill Research

  • Cumberland Chapter Sends Letter to TVA Board

  • From the Board President's Desk

  • SOCM Welcomes Intern Isabella Killius

Notice About Covid-19/Coronavirus

March 15, 2020

Notice About Covid-19/Coronavirus
In-person SOCM meetings will be suspended until further notice.
With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 affecting several communities across our state, it is important that SOCM operate in a manner that is proactive, responsible, and equitable. It is imperative we consider SOCM members, staff, and our community’s health.