What issues are SOCM members working on?

SOCM members determine what issues they want to tackle in their own communities. Staff (and often other members from different chapters) provide support and guidance as needed. In general our issue work falls into one of these categories:

  • Chapter Campaign (issue campaign led by a SOCM Chapter)

  • Ad Hoc Issue Campaign (issue campaign where SOCM members provide leadership, but no official chapter has formed)

  • Coalition Campaign (SOCM members participate in issue campaign in coalition with other groups)

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SOCM Sentinels

SOCM Sentinel's are the quarterly newsletters written by SOCM members & staff. This is a great way to get details on current work!

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Q1 2022 SOCM Sentinel

SOCM Members Celebrate 50 Years of Community Organizing • You’re Invited to SOCM’s 50th Anniversary Celebration •
Jackson Chapter Update • Knoxville Chapter Update • Maury Chapter Update • Rutherford Chapter Update •
Cumberland Chapter Update: Members tour Aries Biochar Operation • Grundy County community fights sand mine
development and visits the state legislature • SOCM and SOCM Resource Project board members gather for joint retreat •
SOCM in the Lens • We’re Hiring: SOCM is hiring a Middle TN Community Organizer • SOCM members sign on to Black Lung
Letter • Claxton residents discuss extensive outreach strategies • SOCM joins allies and community members to honor
Kingston Coal Ash workers and families • Stalking the “Secret Squirrel • SOCM Board Member Doug Hudgens passed away
March 26 • SOCM hires Austin Sauerbrei as Executive Director

Q4 2021 SOCM Sentinel

Included inside:

  • SOCM members attend Annual Meeting

  • Looking towards our 50th year

  • SOCM members perform bond release inspection (Clearfork Valley)

  • Community Steering Group forms in response to Bull Run 2023 closure; multiple developments around Kingston Fossil Plant

  • Cumberland Chapter takes field trip to view composting operation in Sevierville

  • Chapter updates

  • SOCM mourns the death of long-time member Landon Medley

  • ETSU Archives is now home to 50 years of SOCM's history

  • Members sign on and comment about various environmental issues

  • Thank you Ann League from all of us at SOCM

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Q3 2021 SOCM Sentinel

Included inside:

  • Bull Run Neighbors centers people power in wake of Bull Run closure

  • Asset mapping points to long-term community development planning

  • Chapter updates

  • SOCM members participate in Tennessee Valley Energy Democracy Movement

  • A Message from Student Health Coalition Legacy Fund

  • Members submit comments holding TDEC and TVA accountable

  • Climate change: TVA move us to carbon-free, clean power!

  • Members participate in Alliance for Appalachia flyover

Q2 2021 SOCM Sentinel

Included inside:

  • STEM/STEAM campus facial recognition causes concern

  • Governor Lee signs bill directing TDEC to request state primacy

  • Chapter updates

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Q1 2021 SOCM Sentinel

Included inside:

  • Should the State of Tennessee take over the regulations of coal mining? SOCM says no!

  • SOCM members demand oversight on primacy

  • After decades coal ash remains problematic

  • TVA plans PEIS on nuclear reactor technological park

  • Legislative Update

  • Chapter Updates

  • SOCM members work with JwJET on justice issues

  • SOCM members participate in bond inspection tour

  • SOCM and community members release open letter about stadium

  • Knoxville members join caravan protests against evictions


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