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Notice About Covid-19/Coronavirus

March 15, 2020

Notice About Covid-19/Coronavirus

In-person SOCM meetings will be suspended until further notice.

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 affecting several communities across our state, it is important that SOCM operate in a manner that is proactive, responsible, and equitable. It is imperative we consider SOCM members, staff, and our community’s health.

Since SOCM’s beginning nearly half a century ago, we have prided ourselves on being a member-run, member-driven organization. Members are the heart of SOCM and our staff helps to steer the work towards our goals and priorities. The health and safety of our members and staff is paramount.

Individual chapters will decide whether they will conduct meetings via conference calls or video conferencing applications. While we know this will add challenges to our work, now more than ever we see the need for strong communities organizing together for justice.

We do not know how long the suspension will need to stay in place but we do not anticipate it lasting more than a few weeks. We are keeping a close eye on events and will evaluate the situation accordingly.

Please watch for email updates and look for updates at

If you have questions about SOCM meetings please contact your local organizer, the SOCM office 865-249-7488, or email us at

For questions about Covid-19 go to the CDC website here.

And please remember to wash your hands!

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