SOCM is me, it's you, it's us

“People like you help people like me go on, go on... And I hope that when my time is almost gone, they’ll say that people like me helped people like you go on, go on.” 
-"People Like You" by Si Kahn, from the SOCM songbook

We have a lot of wonderful things planned to commemorate this milestone in our history including storytelling projects, leadership trainings, parties, and there's even talk of organizing a canoe relay trip! We are also launching a year-long fundraising effort to celebrate 50 years of community power-building and to raise an additional $100k to help us begin the next 50 on strong footing. Building on all the powerful work that our members are doing, these funds will be used to:

Expand our base-building and grassroots campaign work through a strategic deep canvassing program

Hire another full time staff person to support and expand our ongoing work

Launch an Organizing Fellowship program to train up a new generation of organizers

Establish a SOCM Organizing Curriculum for SOCM members to have the opportunity to develop, learn and grow their capacity to organize with their neighbors

Grow our SOCM Future Fund to secure SOCM's future for the next fifty years

SOCM is you, it's me, it's us.

Let's kick off the next 50 years of community empowerment in Tennessee, together!


Your donation today will help us reach our goals of expanding our base building, hiring more staff, training members in organizing principles, and securing SOCM for another 50 years.

A big fundraising campaign like this needs lots of volunteers. You can join the fundraising committee or do phone banking, write thank-you note, or help with mailings. It's a fun way to spend time with friends.

Members are hosting several in-person events - parties, movie nights, pint nights, etc. -  and several social media fundraisers throughout the state to celebrate our 50th. Keep an eye on our social media channels, check the calendar, or let us know if you'd like to schedule something.

Want to encourage others to give while recognizing something special? Let us know if your donation can be used for a match and if there's a special occasion such as honoring a SOCM member or celebrating a campaign win you'd like to call attention to. Recruit your friends to do a group match and your donation will go even further!